Guidelines for membership application

Membership is open only for centers or institutes, not for individuals.

Member institutions must be research institutions that are independent of government.

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The application

Applicant institutions are asked to submit a written application with the following materials (plus whatever additional materials they believe might be pertinent):

  • Name and address of the applicant center/institute
  • Director of the institution, with his/her background
  • Research Associates and Staff, including a brief discussion of their background
  • Statement of the legal basis of the center/institute, including its relationship to any larger organization (e.g., a university) of which it is a part
  • Association of the center/institute with other institutions
  • Statement of the objectives and mandate of the center/institute
  • Funding of the center/institute---sources, amounts, etc.
  • Current activities of the center/institute and its members
  • Recent activities of the center/institute, including major recent publications, conferences, discussion papers, etc.
  • A recent annual report of the center/institute

It may be helpful to include as well, a short two-page summary of important points for those who do not have the chance to study the full set of documents.


Once these materials are prepared, they should be sent to the president of IACFS, for distribution to the other members of the IACFS. Please note, a formal application should be received before 30 November preceding the next annual meeting for the application to be considered at that meeting.

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