Centre on Governance

Located in the heart of Canada’s capital, the University of Ottawa’s Centre on Governance (COG) has access to critical Canadian federal institutions. The mission of the COG is to better understand governance phenomena as well as contemporary administrative and policy problems affecting governmental and non-governmental actors. To achieve its mission, the COG produces, mobilizes, and disseminates knowledge in order to improve the functioning of governmental and non-governmental organizations, and the design and implementation of public policies. The Centre comprises some fifty professors, affiliated researchers, and graduate students who work on topics related to the Centre's main lines of research, including federalism and multi-level governance. The Centre's research focus on federalism and multi-level governance addresses major contemporary political issues such as democracy, political legitimacy, the environment, diversity, and development.

University of Ottawa


Professor André Lecours

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Contact person: Professor André Lecours
Contact number: 613-562-5800
Website: Click here


Centre on Governance
Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Ottawa
120 University Private
Social Sciences Building
Room 5043
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1N 6N5

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