Centre for Federal Studies (CFS)

Centre for Federal Studies is one of the departments/centres of Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi. The centre is exclusively dedicated to comparative studies, researches and teachings on the dimensionalities of federal nation building in a multicultural setting. As an independent discipline of knowledge, federal studies has matured as: (i) a doctrine of state and nation building; (ii) noncentralized/decentralized governance; (iii) empowerment and welfarism; (iv) rights; and peace and conflict resolution. It promotes interface studies on ‘human capital and natural resource management’ from the perspective of federalism. Centre offers Master, M.Phil./Ph.D. programmes in federal studies and human rights. Process has been initiated to introduce Master programme in Public Policy and Governance. Centre has uniquely contributed to reorienting discourses on Indian federalism. As a resource centre, it has significantly contributed to the policy making by Government of India.

Hamdard University


Prof. Ajay Kumar Singh

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Centre for Federal Studies
Jamia Hamdard University
Hamdard Nagar
New Delhi – 110062

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