Associazione Osservatorio Sul Federalismo e i Processi Di Governo

Osservatorio sui processi di governo e sul federalismo, founded in 2000, is an autonomous centre of research focused mainly on federalism, regionalism, process of decentralisation and local government. Osservatorio, currently an Association of Social promotion, has always supported the scientific journal and it carries out inter and multidisciplinary research projects on complex fields which require knowledge from different disciplines, such as the territorial dimensions of subnational institutions of Italy, especially the governance of metropolitan and local areas. To this regard, Osservatorio monitors especially the evolution of the juridical setting of Rome and metropolitan cities. Moreover, Osservatorio cooperates with government Institutions and departments on Italian regionalism and provides expertise on issues such as the problem of differences between Northern and Southern Regions and the so called "regionalismo differenziato".


Prof Anna Maria Poggi

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Contact number: +39 06 48 24 631
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Via di Porta Pinciana 6
00187 – Rome – Italy

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