Institut für Föderalismus / Institut du Fédéralisme / Institute of Federalism

The Institute of Federalism is a nationally and internationally renowned, politically independent centre of expertise in federalism, decentralisation, democracy and human rights. It is active in research, expertise, consultancy, and training with an aim of better understanding states and contributing to more legitimate and more effective governance. The Institute, founded by the Swiss Cantons, is part of the Faculty of Law of the University of Fribourg. It closely cooperates with the Confederation, the Cantons, the inter-cantonal conferences and the communes and with researchers from various disciplines. It focuses on the Swiss federal system, monitors its evolution and contributes to its development and is also active at the international level where it provides expertise, supports peace- and constitution-making processes, offers trainings, and welcomes guest researchers and delegations.
University of Fribourg


Prof. Eva Maria Belser and Prof. Bernhard Waldmann

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Institute of Federalism
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