2019 IACFS Conference unpacks civil service and awards Ronald L. Watts Young Scholar Award to Mr Jesse Hartery

The 2019 IACFS Conference will take place on October 17th and 18 th, 2019 in Speyer, Germany. The directors’ meeting will be held on the day before the conference. The theme this year is “Unity and Diversity of Civil Service in Federal and Unitary/Decentralised Countries”.

The civil or public service is crucial for the rule of law and the service quality of the government sector. However, what is counted as civil service depends on the determination of public sector and public administration. Some countries include schools and universities; others exclude these institutions and do not employ the staff as civil servants. Usually, the civil service is defined as staff working on the base of a public employment contract. Civil service employment relations are never uniform across all levels of government and across a whole country.

The Conference seeks to bring together systematic information on the ‘uniformity’ and ‘variety’ of public employment relations in federal and decentralised countries, its intergovernmental institutions and actual problems and political reforms.

Every year a scholar who was awarded the Ronald L. Watts Young Researcher Award will present their paper at the IACFS Conference. The international jury of the Ron Watts Young Scholar Award has selected Mr. Jesse Hartery, McGill University, Montreal as the winner of this year’s edition. Mr. Hartery will present his paper “Institutional Barriers to Sub-National Sovereignty in Myanmar: Lessons from India’s Federal Design” on the occasion of the annual IACFS conference.

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