'Institutional Weak Nodes Revealed in the Pandemic: Migration and Labour Policy Priorities' Indian Federalism Perspectives - 6

In this issue, Dr Saumya Tewari highlights the differential impact of the pandemic in the labour market, turning the spotlight on the unorganized labour force.

She notes that the absence of a policy framework led to an unprecedented crisis where people moved across states on foot in the absence of proper transport facilities. Much of the chaos came from the lack of coordination between different levels of government and the absence of clear-cut policies. The centralization of policy-making also did no good. The lack of good points, according to her, has been singularly responsible for both the poor governance response and inadequate policy measures. As we probably contemplate another lockdown and plan to vaccinate more people, Dr Tewari urges us to improve our data collection for more effective policy-making. We cannot afford to be unprepared the second time around.


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